Lab for school 

The easiest way to teach STEAM in schools

CTC offers all tools and equipment , electronics and online resources to run a successful STEAM Lab in your school. Our projects are mapped to the curriculum and teach essential future skills.

Easy to use tools for educators

We offer free training for teachers and because of our audio visual lesson no previous experience is required.
The learning is self-paced, and children will be able to unlock more projects as they go.

Self-paced learning Electronics and Programming Curriculum

Starting with the basics electronics,  and simple programming curriculum teaches coding concepts while solving real world projects.

Each project builds on knowledge learned from previous badges and exercises to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Track progress & assessments

Each student receives regular assessments on how they are progressing.

Organised classroom management

Start teaching quickly and easily with our teacher resources.
The our templet and spreadsheet allows teachers to track individual students as well as the class as a whole.