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Summer Camp

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5 Days Hands- On Workshop For School Kids .

Robotics camp

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Fun With Electronics - is a hands-on electronics workshop for school going children between the age group of 8 to 16 . In the workshop participants solder electronic components onto specially-designed circuit boards they will learn the concept of basic electronics, function various component, sensors and process of soldering and desoldering  . 


The excitement of workshop is learning how to use a soldering iron, and actually being able to make and take home a working electronic circuit.

Key feature 

  • Five days workshop with emphasis on experiential learning through interesting projects and activities under expert supervision 

  • It is a  ‘learn with fun’ program in  Electronics 

  • Audio video content 

  • Designed specifically for the school kids in grades ‘IV to X’, keeping in mind their age, curriculum and safety  

  • 80% time dedicated for hands-on practical and 20% for training through audio video animation and AV clips 

  • Children make three hobby electronics project .


What will participants learn from the workshop?  

  • It teaches the proper use of tools and safety procedure.

  • Knowledge of electronics components and symbols 

  • Types of sensors and its applications.

  • Develop the skills of soldering desoldering.

‘Take Away Hamper’

    • Set of “Do-it-Yourself’ projects done by the kid during the camp

    • Booklet 

    • Certificated of camp completion 


Duration:- 5 days 2 hour in a day

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