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Summer Camp

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10 Days Hands- On Workshop For School Kids .


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Let your child take a first step in yo this exciting world and you may discover that hidden spark of future engineer .

Robot Camp 2019 - is a fun-n-learn workshop for school kids to support STEM            ( Science , technology, engineering & Math ) learning approach. Conceptualised and designed by the award winning Children Tech Center , with 8 years of experience in Robotics training 


15 Hours of enriching learning at the workshop

  • Introduction to fundamental concept in robotics, Electronics, mechanics and hydraulics 

  • Optimum “Hands-on” experience backed by audio-visual demonstrations

  • Child -friendly and safe practical session without exposure to AC Current, 

Why robot camp

  • Based on STEM learning & designed for 21st century skills

  • Children love to play with technology & learn with fun

  • Best alternative to defy kid's addiction of mobile & videos

  • Helps parent detect that hidden "engineering spark" in the child

  • Super exciting take -way ampler 

What do children learn, do & take home from ROBOT Camp

  • Understand basic concepts in Robotics, Electronics, Mechanics & Hydraulics

  • Follow STEM learning pattern & apply 21st century skills

  • Learn through pattern of 30% theory and 70% practical

  • Make make 2 Robotic models & 28 Electronic circuits using the components from BONANZA KIT‐BOX given to each participant​

  • Instruction guide and study material

  • Dr. A.PJ. Abdul Kalam International foundation endorsed certificate 

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